Can Every Child Learn To Sing in Tune?

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Can every child learn to sing in tune?

Yes, research has shown that just as every child (unless there are serious physical hearing problems) can learn their own language, so too can they learn to sing in tune. It is a very similar skill. Just as to learn a language a child is placed in an environment where that language is spoken and where a mother and other carers interact with him, so it follows that a suitable musical environment should be created for the child.

Many of our common nursery rhymes are too complicated for babies and toddlers as they were originally written for ten year old girls. Overly complicated material can mean that children learn to sing badly. A small range of simple intervals should be used, avoiding semi-tones and large jumps. An example of a particularly difficult song for a child to sing is `Happy Birthday` which is full of semitones and large jumps.

Children should be taught singing with very simple songs. At The Music Train, we take great care to provide and suggest suitable material that won`t confuse your child.

I can`t sing a note in tune. How can I possibly help my child with music?

Everyone can learn to sing with the right training but for many busy mums, this may not be your top priority due to time constraints. It is also easier to learn this skill when younger.

Our key songs are very simple and you may find you can aid your own singing simply through repeating these every day to your child. However, if even this is too tricky, why not ask a relative or friend who frequently spends time with your child, to make the key songs their special task.

You can still help your child enormously with rhythm patterns and through selecting suitable CDs and listening materials.