Siblings and Visitors (Adult and Child)

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Fees for Siblings

Siblings under 6 months may attend their older sibling`s classes free of charge. We start charging younger siblings at half the rate of the class they are attending, from the beginning of the half term after they turn 6 months. Siblings attending separate classes are not eligible for a half price discount. The discount only applies if they are attending the same class.

All child visitors and siblings are liable for a charge if they are aged between 6 months - 8 years even if they are not participating in the class.

For the occasional visit of a sibling, the reduced sibling fee will apply.

Younger Siblings

Baby siblings up to 6 months may attend any class free of charge. We would however, ask parents with babies to sit near the exit and be conscious of whether or not their child is disturbing to others. If in doubt about the behaviour of any of your children, please ask the teacher.

Occasional visits from friends and family

Due to space constraints and a desire not to overcrowd classes, we cannot as a rule, allow more than one adult to accompany each paying child. Please would you telephone your teacher in advance to check that it is okay for you to bring a child or adult visitor.

Any child visitors that are not siblings and who fall between the above age ratios will attract a full class fee for each attendance.