Rebooking Procedure

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How do I rebook for next term?

On the first week after the half term break, your teacher will issue a list of the classes she intends running for the following term. The full list of classes running in all areas is also published on our website. You will need to fill in the form issued by your teacher marking down your preferred class.

First priority is given to clients already in a class. We will not 'kick anyone out'. However, we do reserve the right to change class times or close a class if there are insufficient children to fill it.

The next priority is given to children who already come to our classes but need to go up to the next level or change times. It is useful if you can give your reasons for the change and mark any other possible times you could make.

The next priority is given to clients who need to change to another teacher because the classes are closer to their home address or more convenient. If you do need to change location, please contact the new teacher directly as well as talking to your existing teacher.

If you do not wish to rebook, you must let your teacher know by completing the bottom section of the rebooking form.

Priority for Siblings or if I miss a term or two

Once your family has attended The Music Train, you will always be entitled to a priority place for all your children. You will not have as much priority as families already attending but will be placed right at the top of the waiting list.

We have adopted this policy because we feel that it is important that you can continue with your child`s education even if you have to miss a term or two. We also realise that parents like to be able to give the same opportunities to all their children. Once you have been a client, you will have a special status.

Priority for Nannies Changing Job

Over the years we have built up relationships with many excellent nannies who want to return to The Music Train when they work for new families. If you should change family, your new family will be given priority status, because you have attended previously.

Priority for My Friends Not Yet Attending

Ask your friend to phone your teacher with their details as soon as possible as we work on a strictly first come first served basis. Your teacher will put them on her waiting list. It is possible to go on more than one teacher`s waiting list at a time if they are willing to travel for a term or so.