Fees and Refunds

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The fees for classes are payable termly in advance.

Payments for all classes are due at least two weeks before the start of term (post-dated cheques are acceptable). Any bookings received without a payment risk being cancelled by the teacher if no payment is received by this time.

Sibling Fees

Siblings under 6 months may attend their older sibling's classes free of charge. We start charging younger siblings at half the rate of the class they are attending, from the beginning of the half term after they turn 6 months. Siblings attending separate classes are not eligible for a half price discount. The discount only applies if they are attending the same class.

All child visitors and siblings are liable for a charge if they are aged between 6 months - 8 years even if they are not participating in the class.


Fees are not refundable unless in exceptional circumstances and always at the discretion of the Teacher. If you are moving house, returning to work five days a week, or are no longer able to continue because of serious illness or problematic pregnancy, you should give your teacher two weeks notice and she may decide to refund your fees (less the two weeks). This is always at the complete discretion of your teacher.

We regret that in line with other similar organisations, we cannot refund classes missed due to a pupil's illness or vacation. However, it may sometimes be possible to attend another class in place. Please discuss individual situations with your local teacher.

Classes cancelled due to force majeure (for example, snowy conditions) cannot be refunded.