Battle of the Bands Best Guitarist Winner

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Andrea had a super proud evening at Battle of the Bands, when an ex-pupil was awarded the title of Best Guitarist by an esteemed panel of judges. It was a huge achievement as his band was selected from 80 that auditioned. M was also one of the youngest participating, at just 13 years of age.

M's family have moved to Bucks but asked Andrea to join them for the event, because they believe it all started from Music Train. His parents do not have musical backgrounds themselves but at just 2 years of age M showed huge interest and affinity with the guitar At the end of every session, he insisted on sitting with Andrea to play on her guitar, and it was because of him that a whole class set was bought for the organisation. His interest and curiosity inspired the writing of our well-loved 'Strings' topic.

What a fantastic evening and a privilege to be a part of it all!!!